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Use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) For Results

It’s all the rage.

There are gym classes, apps, DVDs, and every personal trainer under the sun is recommending HIIT training.

But what exactly is HIIT and what can it do for you?

What is HIIT?

HIIT Training is high intensity interval training.

It is a great way of working out, without having to spend hours on the treadmill getting minimal results.

HIIT means you work hard and quickly, but only for a short period of time, to increase your heart rate and improve your fitness levels, and burn fat, in a reduced amount of time.

HIIT training means you work out at 100% for short bursts, followed by a short recovery period.

Due to the intensity of the workout, your body will continue burning calories after the exercise blast, meaning you’ll still be shedding those pounds, when you’re enjoying your post-shower workout, and beyond.

In fact, research suggests, that your metabolism will be boosted by partaking in HIIT so much so, that you may still be burning calories 48 hours after a workout.

Benefits of HIIT

Gone are the days of needing an hour or two to do a full body workout at the gym.

HIIT workouts can be done anywhere, with no equipment needed, and you can work out for as little as 10 minutes and still get results.

There is no longer an excuse not to exercise: time, money location will no longer stand as an excuse.

Working to exhaustion for short bursts increases your metabolism and therefore allows you to burn fat.

There is also less chance of boredom because you do not need to do the same exercise repeatedly; short, sharp bursts are the most effective.

Who can do it?

Unless you have health complications, especially a weak heart, anyone can partake in HIIT training.

Working to your own limits will get you results and improve your fitness levels.

Where do I start?

Wherever you are, you can start your HIIT training.

We’ve put together a workout for you to try to get you started.

Remember, the key is to train to your limit on the exercises and then take advantages of the rest in between.

Also, ensure you warm up and cool down before and after each work out.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Press Ups
  • Squat Jumps
  • Sit Ups
  • Burpees
  • Plank

Repeat each exercise for 45 seconds, after your warm up, with a 30 second rest in between.

You can do one round, or up to 3 if you can manage, and finish with your cool down and stretching.


HIIT training not only helps with weight loss or management, but like all exercise, it can help to boost your mood, increase muscle tone, reduce stress, help sleep and strengthen your immune system.

Ideally, high intensity interval training is best used in conjunction with a healthy diet and alongside weight training or strengthening exercises.

It’s also important you have rest days, so 3 times per week is the recommended maximum for HIIT training.

author: Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock is one of London's most exciting personal trainers. Combining over 25 years of experience in the fitness sector with exceptional industry knowledge, Trevor is able to offer unequalled fitness services, including online coaching, bespoke plans and one-on-one sessions. Contact Trevor today and start your journey to becoming the very best version of yourself.