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How To Build An Affordable Gym In Your Own Home

It is incredibly convenient to have a gym in your own home.

You can increase the number of workouts you have each week, save money on gym fees and reach new fitness goals you never thought possible.

Of course, there are some big hurdles to having your own gym!

Having the room to accommodate a gym in your home is the first hurdle.

The second hurdle is the cost of a gym setup.

This article will provide a few tips for creating an affordable home gym that takes up less space and significantly improves your fitness.

Buy some jump ropes

Jump ropes are an essential addition to any home gym.

They don’t take up much room, they are incredibly cheap, and they can significantly improve your fitness.

Jumping rope improves cardiovascular fitness, builds agility, increases bone density, and improves mental alertness.

Using jump ropes is also a great way to warm up before a workout.

Buy dumbbells

If you don’t have much room in your home, you can’t really purchase large weight lifting machines.

Instead, focus on free weights.

Purchase a high quality set of dumbbells with adjustable weight loads.

Ensure you have enough weight plates so you can perform your favourite free weight exercises.

There are dozens of ways to use dumbbells including shoulder presses, bicep curls, upright row, and tricep kickbacks.

Buy an adjustable bench

If you want to focus on building muscle, having an adjustable bench really comes in handy.

You will be able to use your dumbbells in more ways and will remain more comfortable while using them.

Having a stable, well-made bench can also improve your safety while using weights.

Most benches don’t take up a lot of room and many can folded up to make storage easier.

Buy a balance ball

Balance balls are useful for building core strength and flexibility.

You can even perform a full body workout with a balance ball once you learn the various positions.

The most effective balance ball exercises include:


Take the traditional pushup pose with your arms on the ball.

Fantastic for working gluteus muscles and the abdominal area.


Take a plank position with your feet on the ball.

Arch your back as you roll the ball forward.

This is a brutal exercise that will lead to incredible results in core strength and flexibility.


Lying on your back, place your feet on the ball.

Lift your pelvis up while capping your arms on the ground (palms down).

This really works your core.

Back extensions

There are a variety of effective back exercises that use a balance ball.

Most involve laying your abdomen on the ball and extending your arms to flex back muscles.

You can buy a large balance ball for between £10 to £40.

Resistance bands

Adding resistance can transform mundane exercises into challenging pieces that really test your fitness!

Resistance bands are also cheap, versatile, and very affordable.

There are many types of resistance bands available from simple elasticised pieces of rubber through to products with many different attachments for a variety of exercises.

You can strap your resistance bands to a door, bench or table to perform squats, shoulder stretches, standing chest presses and many more exercises.

Consider a bike trainer

A bike trainer makes it possible to ride a normal bicycle while stationary.

They use rollers that attach to the bike’s wheels or rims.

Bike trainers allow you to ride your bike indoors — obtaining an excellent cardiovascular workout while watching TV!

Most bike trainers are fairly small and can be stored in a cupboard when not in use.

They are a great option for people who already own a bike.

Decorate your gym

Even though you are building an affordable gym, it is still important to make your gym a space that you enjoy being in.

Purchase some mirrors for your walls and add posters to give you extra motivation while working out.

Purchase some cheap fans for cooling the room.

Make the space feel fresh and inviting by adding a few plants.

Add some shelves or hooks to make storing workout clothes, equipment, exercise matts, and towels easier.

Purchase rubber or foam flooring

Having high quality flooring will prevent weights from ruining your floors and provide a more stable platform.

While flooring is an optional upgrade for your exercise room, it really makes a huge difference.

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author: Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock is one of London's most exciting personal trainers. Combining over 25 years of experience in the fitness sector with exceptional industry knowledge, Trevor is able to offer unequalled fitness services, including online coaching, bespoke plans and one-on-one sessions. Contact Trevor today and start your journey to becoming the very best version of yourself.