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7 Benefits Of Meal Prepping

Eating a nutritious diet is an essential part of staying fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, preparing 3 healthy meals each day can often feel like a chore.

It is even more difficult if you are working to build muscle and eating 5 times a day.

This is where meal prepping comes in handy.

Meal prepping is the act of preparing large batches of meals which are then consumed throughout the week.

Meal prepping makes it easy to enjoy a balanced diet, while still having time for working out and taking time with your friends.

This article will explain 7 main benefits of meal prepping and share some tips for getting started.

The benefits of meal prepping

Meal prepping has many advantages, including:

Benefit #1 — Meal prepping helps you save money

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive!

Meal prepping saves you money in a number of ways:

Saving money by buying foods in bulk

You will make savings by buying items in bulk, including canned goods, frozen produce, and seasonal produce.

When you see a special, you can make the most of it and incorporate that ingredient into your next meal preparation session.

Saving money by using all of the food you buy

Most households waste a lot of the food they buy.

You may forget that a certain item is in the fridge or fail to use it before it goes off.

When you meal prep, you will buy large quantities of the ingredients required to make specific meals.

You will use those ingredients immediately and nothing is wasted!

You will eat all of the food you cook

When you meal prep, you can be very analytical about the amount of food in each serving.

You won’t cook much food, which helps you avoid wastage.

You will have fewer impulse purchases

Instead of wandering the aisles of the grocery store aimlessly, you will know the precise items you need to make the meals you are prepping.

That means less junk food and impulse purchases in the shopping trolley!

Benefit #2 — Meal prepping helps you save time

It takes most people anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes to make a healthy lunch or dinner.

When you prep your meals, that time is massively reduced.

You will be able to enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal in about 2 to 3 minutes.

All of your meals will be ready to pop into the microwave and your salads will be pre-packed.

Yes, it does take a fair amount of time to prepare your meals, but you easily make that back during the week as you enjoy your delicious ready-to-eat meals.

Benefit #3 — Meal prepping makes you healthier

When you prepare your meals in advance, you can be very analytical about what ingredients you use.

You can ensure that each meal has 3 or 4 serves of vegetables, the right amount of protein, and the right amount of carbohydrates.

It is much easier to avoid processed foods when you always have delicious home cooked meals ready to eat.

You won’t bother with fast food any longer either — it will take more time to sit in line at McDonalds than it does to reheat one of your delicious pre-made meals.

Benefit #4 — Meal prepping makes portion control easier

Are you one of those people who accidentally cooks too much pasta or rice?

You end up with huge portions that you reluctantly force yourself to eat!

Meal prepping helps you avoid that situation.

You can create precisely measured portions with the right amount of calories for your fitness program.

Benefit #5 — Meal prepping makes weight loss easier

Losing weight is much easier when you are eating the right amount of healthy food each day.

Because you can control your portions more easily, you won’t accidentally overeat.

You will also be avoiding processed foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.

Benefit #6 — Meal prepping makes life simpler

If you lead a busy lifestyle, planning healthy meals each night can be difficult.

You will have to find time to go to the grocery store, find the ingredients listed on the recipe and prepare it.

That is a lot of decision making for a simple meal!

If you have already prepared your meals, it becomes as easy as walking to the fridge and grabbing the first thing you see.

Pop it in the microwave and bam — a delicious and nutritious meal.

Benefit #7 — Meal prepping makes it easier to add variety to your meals

Planning your meals makes it easier to plan a balanced diet.

You can create a list of a dozen meals with plenty of variety in terms of ingredients and flavour.

It’s easy to incorporate everything from steamed vegetables through to fried rice.

More variety in your diet helps you obtain all of the nutrients your body requires.

Getting Started With Meal Prepping

Here is a few steps for getting started with meal prepping:

1) Buy a cooler bag

A cooler bag will be useful if you intend on taking your meals to work or school.

2) Pick the right containers

Buy some food containers that are BPA free, freezer safe, and microwave safe. Choose containers that are the appropriate size for the meals you enjoy eating.

3) Start collecting recipes

There are thousands of meal preppers sharing recipes online.

The perfect recipe will be easy to prepare, delicious, freezable, and able to travel well.

One of the best places for getting ideas is Meal Prep Sunday on Reddit.

4) Plan the menu for the week and go shopping

Once you have your containers and your recipes, it is time to plan the weekly meals.

Some of the aspects to think about include — how many meals to make, the ingredients you want to eat, how big portions should be, which nutrients you need to focus on, and what is in season.

5) Prepare your meals

Most meal preppers use Sunday afternoon to prepare their meals.

This allows them to prepare all of their meals for the upcoming work week.

However, you might prefer a different day.

You will be surprised by how quickly you can make a huge amount of food!

All of dinners and lunches for the week can usually be made in about 2 hours.

Expect to save about 4-6 hours during the week by meal prepping.

That’s a lot of extra time to enjoy each week.

6) Modify recipes and try new meals

Assess how the week went.

Did you enjoy the recipes or do they need tweaking?

Are you feeling healthier?

Were portion sizes good?

Were you getting sick of the same meal?

Make recipe adjustments, change portions, and add new kinds of meals.

The longer you do it, the better you will become!

We hope you enjoyed reading 7 Benefits Of Meal Prepping.

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author: Trevor McClintock

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